Eight Coping Strategies for Life with a Narcissist

Four: Walk Away from Temper Tantrums

Anger is never fun to endure no matter who is displaying it but a narcissist has a special gift of anger that is more intimidating than anything I have come up against.

It doesn’t have to be spoken – he can get a look of disgust on his face that will make you want to fall through the floor, or he can give the evil eye to end all evil eyes. A narcissist has the ability to make your stomach churn just by walking into the room in a bad temper. It doesn’t take long to want to do anything that will relieve the horrible pressure of his mood.

Learn to walk away.

narcissist will lose his temper over being corrected, being disagreed with, or because the wind ruffled his hair the wrong way. Losing their temper is one way that they control you and it is important for you to break that cycle.

Walk away, leave the house, or roll your eyes and ignore him because a response only gives him power.

Five: Don’t Argue 

When a narcissist gets into an argument he will lose all sense of right and wrong. He’ll make wild accusation, crazy statements, and use words out of context. His whole argument will be confusing and incomprehensible if you refuse to be intimidated by the big words he is throwing around.

There is no point in responding. Again, walk away. Staying and trying to get him to listen to reason is a waste of time. You don’t have to prove your opinion to him or anyone. Besides, he already knows you are smarter than him or he wouldn’t have been attracted to you in the first place, remember?

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