12 top tips for cooking vegan on a budget

Buy in bulk

If you have the space, then bulk-buying store cupboard essentials is a brilliant way to save dosh. This is one of the great things about the internet, as you can scan shopping sites for bargains and save it for next time.

Local Veg Boxes

I am a massive fan of these! So much easier and fresher than supermarket veggies, and typically with the added advantage of less plastic and better organic options. I tried one of the big veg box companies, but found it a bit inconvenient and fairly expensive. After a bit of Googling, I found a local greengrocer that does a much cheaper version. They’re worth their weight in gold and they are my saving grace in the lead-up to pay day.

Shop around

Not all pricing is created equal, and you will find similar products in different shops at different prices. For example, the little shop round the corner from me sells tins of chickpeas for only 39p, so that’s where I buy chickpeas; but I can get cans of other beans cheaper at the supermarket, so I get them when I do my online shop. Similarly, I find ‘basic’ veg (broccoli, cauliflower etc.) is often cheaper at the supermarket, but the seasonal stuff (asparagus, sprouts etc.) is usually cheaper at my local grocer.

Ethnic supermarkets

You can find all sorts of vegan gems at lower cost at your local ethnic supermarket. Think jackfruit, tofu and tempeh, as well as cool stuff like rice paper, noodles, spice mixes and big bottles of soy and chilli sauces.

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