12 top tips for cooking vegan on a budget

Make big  dinners

I am the queen of the leftover lunch! Cooking up a big dinner means I don’t have half-used tins of beans and so on hanging around (which may go to waste), and also means I have lunch sorted for the next day. If I don’t fancy the same thing two days running, then I might make the leftover cold rice from a veggie chilli into a rice salad for lunch, and then make burritos for dinner by filling wraps with the chilli.

10 Remember the basics

Simple meals rock! Baked spuds, beans on toast and tomato soup are popular for a reason; easy, healthy, cheap and loved by all the family. They’re my ‘I’m too tired to think’ meals and the perfect comfort food.

11 Don’t snub frozen veg

Flash frozen vegetables retain huge amount of their nutrients, and are usually much cheaper than buying fresh. Frozen spinach is fantastic for curries, there are some great stir-fry mixes available now, and no roast dinner would be complete without frozen peas! Another top tip for smoothie fans is to use frozen berries. You don’t have to worry about them going off and they work out far cheaper.

12 Look out for budget recipes

New recipe ideas stop you getting stuck in a rut. We have lots of these in our ‘On a Budget’ section at Veganuary.com/recipes, and food bloggers, like Jack Monroe, are brilliant for inspiration (even just their pics on Instagram). Jack took part in Veganuary 2016 and has over 100 vegan recipes at cookingonabootsrap.com; the majority of which only cost 50p per person!

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