Six Tips for Establishing a Safe and Effective Gluten

6. Gather feedback from guests.
Once you have launched new gluten-free items, it is a good idea to step out of the kitchen and into the dining room to interact with guests trying the dishes. It feels good to know that guests are happy and enjoying dishes your team carefully prepared, and it is helpful to reiterate that they can safely enjoy meals outside their homes.

For years, many guests with gluten intolerance have not been able to dine at a restaurant, either because they didn’t trust the food would be prepared safely or they didn’t know gluten-free options were available. As more restaurants take measures to provide gluten-free offerings, guests are now finally able to have a complete gluten-free restaurant meal, so talk to them about their experiences. Get their unedited feedback. Customers love to share their opinions, especially with the chef or manager, so this should be an easy way to gain customer feedback on the menu.

Guest responses at The Melting Pot and Burger 21 have been fantastic. These restaurants serve many gluten-intolerant guests who have been elated to find out that one of their favorite restaurants has taken the initiative to develop a menu that addresses their needs. In many cases, the attention paid by restaurants to gluten-free guests’ safety and enjoyment translates into loyalty for years to come.

You don’t have to go to extremes in altering your kitchen to provide safe gluten-free orders for these guests, but be aware of what needs to be done to ensure the safety of your gluten-free offerings. If costs are a concern, you can increase prices slightly to account for the extra costs associated with creating and maintaining a gluten-free menu. Front Burner Brands’ restaurant concepts do not charge extra for gluten-free offerings, but if this additional cost is necessary, guests will understand.

With a few tweaks to your kitchen and careful attention to sanitation and staff training, you can run a successful gluten-free kitchen within your current setup. Seeing consumers’ joy as they bite into delicious gluten-free dishes without fear will make the extra effort worthwhile.

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