8 Ways Narcissists Destroy Your Confidence And Self image

Narcissism is on the rise – especially among young people. This worrying trend makes it all the more important to educate yourself about the narcissist and how they operate so that you may protect yourself from their influence.

With this in mind, we’re going to explore some of the many ways in which a narcissist will seek to corrupt your mind, suck the confidence out of you, and bulldoze their way through the image you have of yourself.

Let’s dive straight in and explore the 8 most damaging ways that a narcissist will act towards others.


1. The Belittling Phrases They Aim At You

Narcissists are very careful about the words they choose and they try to use phrases that aid their goals and indulge their ego. Often, when their words are aimed at other people, they are designed to confuse and upset their targets.

They will say things such as “you’re too sensitive” or “you’ve misunderstood me” to make you think that your reaction to them is unjustified and that you must be projecting your own, personal issues.

Or they might play the classic “I hate drama” card when tensions are rising to suggest that you, and not they, are the source of the conflict when, in fact, they are to blame.

Narcissists will probably have a handful of these destructive phrases that they like to use regularly, so watch out for this trait as a clear sign that you’re dealing with one.

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