8 Ways Narcissists Destroy Your Confidence And Self image

2. The Snipes They Direct At You

Continuing on the theme of what a narcissist might say, you should be wary of someone who often seeks to put other people down – both to their face and behind their back.

Such sly comments are subtle, but they are filled with negativity. While they may not seem like much in isolation, when they occur regularly, they can be incredibly damaging to the person they are directed at.

3. It’s Always The Other Person’s Fault

A narcissist never believes that they have done wrong; if anyone is to blame in their eyes, it is always someone else.

To admit guilt would be like a dagger to the heart of a narcissist’s ego, so they will seek to shift the responsibility onto those around them. Sometimes they will go to extraordinary lengths to link another person to problems of their own making; nothing is off the table as far as they are concerned.

But to the person they are blaming, it is often an utterly confusing and stressful accusation that casts doubt in their minds and makes them feel unsure about their actions.

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