8 Ways Narcissists Destroy Your Confidence And Self image

4. They Seek To Instigate Confrontation

Linked directly to the previous point about blame, a narcissist thrives in the field of battle and will actively create conflict between themselves and others (and also between 2 other people entirely) as a way to create a false sense of superiority and importance.

Narcissists actually enjoy drama; they feed off it and use it as a tool to achieve their aims. They are the ones who constantly stir, who will have no qualms about spreading rumours or secrets about others, and who will fuel the fires through whatever means they can.

But for most other people, constant arguments are harmful to their self-esteem, and non-stop drama is a drain on their energy reserves.

5. They Bend The Truth And Insist You Are Wrong

As we have just discussed, a narcissist is always on the lookout for opportunities to stir up confrontation and they are not afraid to use lies to get their way.

They will take the truth, distort it, and insist that you are wrong when you try to tell it like it is/was. They will make you doubt yourself, your memory, and your beliefs by projecting a false sense of reality onto you.

And if you claim to have proof, they will deny its existence or accuse you of fabricating it to make them appear stupid.

6. They Will Seek To Get Others On Their Side

Before or during an argument, which they themselves have probably initiated, they will endeavour to gain as much support from other people as they can. They will lie and manipulate others into believing their side of the story and then use these people as weapons to harm and defeat their opponents.

This is especially true when someone tries to leave a narcissistic partner behind; the narcissist will do whatever it takes to convince their family and friends, and their partner’s family and friends, into taking their side. Their ultimate goal is to get their partner to change their mind and rekindle the relationship.

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