8 Ways Narcissists Destroy Your Confidence And Self image

7. They Seek Out Individual Triggers

A narcissist is a master at identifying the insecurities and emotional triggers in others. They quickly pick up on these during the early stages of a friendship or relationship and then bring them out to use against an individual when it serves their purpose.

Such behaviour is soul destroying for the other person who will experience a great deal of anguish every time their vulnerability is exposed by the narcissist.

8. They Have Jekyll & Hyde Personalities

A narcissist can be utterly charming and polite when they want to be; indeed, this is often how they lure their victims into friendship and more. They will only act in such a manner, however, when it is required, and the act is quickly dropped when someone has been hooked and reeled in.

They can turn this charisma on and off at will, so when you’ve reached your wits end and threaten to break off all ties with them, the smooth character you initially met comes back.

This switch back and forth between personalities is extremely confusing for the other person and it can blind them to the truth that lay underneath. Not knowing whether you will experience Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde when engaging with a narcissist makes it difficult to be your real self. This subduing of character can deprive you of your freedom and enjoyment.

So there we have it, 8 of the most common ways in which a narcissistic individual destroys the confidence, self-belief and self-image of other people. Be vigilant for these signs when meeting new people and if you get a whiff of narcissism, run in the opposite direction.

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