Healthy Diet Can Reduce Disabilities Involving Multiple Sclerosis

That was about two times that of the least healthy participants.

Those who reported a healthier diet and healthier lifestyle had fewer disabilities than those who had reported less healthy diets and lifestyles.

There were two limitations to the study, according to study author Kathryn C. Fitzgerald, ScD, a post-doctoral researcher at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Maryland and a study author.

The study wasn’t able to say whether healthy diets predict changes to MS symptoms in the future.

In addition, the participants tended to be older and white with an average length of illness of 20 years, so the results may not apply to all people with MS.

Providing data to the community

Participants completed a dietary questionnaire as part of the 2015 North American Research Committee on MS (NARCOMS) registry.

NARCOMS is a global, volunteer effort to gain knowledge about MS.

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