Healthy Diet Can Reduce Disabilities Involving Multiple Sclerosis

NARCOMS creates and maintains a database of MS patients’ experience with their illness and makes this information available for others.

It’s designed to use the patient experience to improve clinical care and quality of life for people with MS. It’s currently recruiting data from those wanting to participate.

The study was supported by the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) and the Foundation of the CMSC.

The emphasis of the study was on the association between a healthy lifestyle and a person’s MS experience.

It’s important to understand that this study didn’t look at a causal relationship between the two, explained Giesser.

Taking control of MS management

Lifestyle and diet are things that people with MS have control over for the most part.

Earlier this year a systematic review published in Advances in Nutrition looked at the influence of diet with MS and found strong evidence that diet may be considered as a “complementary treatment to control the progression of the disease.”

This review included 47 articles and found support for vitamin D and vitamin B-12, stating that more research is necessary to determine if supplements may delay MS progression.

While diet is showing a connection with better living for people with MS, not everyone has access to healthier food.

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