How to Eat Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan Food and Diet During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

  • Vitamin D: Getting enough Vitamin D is all about going out in the sun. Most pregnant vegetarians can spend time outside every day and never worry about Vitamin D levels. Obstetricians usually do not prescribe Vitamin D supplementation because with overdose, the result can be toxic.
  • Iron: Many women both vegetarian and traditional suffer from low iron or anemia during pregnancy. There are plenty of foods allowed in a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle that are rich in iron including tofu, dried beans and whole grain foods.
  • Vitamin B12: While there is Vitamin B12 in many foods, supplementation is the best option for the pregnant vegetarian. These supplements come in liquid, sublingual and tablet form. There are also prenatal vitamins with added Vitamin B12. There is no known toxicity level for B12.

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