Eliminate Pain Easily With Trigeminal Neuralgia Natural Treatment

You can find out about various options on treatment of trigeminal neuralgia by reading this article. The trigeminal nerve which is across the face when pressed due to the blood vessel may result in trigeminal neuralgia. Characterized by episodes of pain lasting from days to months, Trigeminal neuralgia produces intense flashes of pain that can be triggered by contact with wind, talking, shaving, brushing the teeth, eating, applying makeup and other tasks that involve contact with the cheek area. At first, the episodes of pain are also balanced by plenty of periods without any pain but as time passes you will see that there are lesser periods of relief as compared to periods of pain.

Commonly used treatment methods for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Conventional medical treatments are either pharmaceutical or surgical, with pharmaceutical drugs being the first course of treatment usually prescribed. These are usually also medications prescribed for control of epilepsy. Usually, the cause of trigeminal neuralgia can be traced to a cranial (brain) blood vessel that is pressing against CN5. Surgical option is used for moving the blood vessel so that the nerve can be deadened or cushioning it well.

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