Spot an Undercover Narcissist

Humans in general are great at keeping things about themselves private, from feelings to personality traits. While smartphones and social networks are making these secrets more open, narcissists have and always will love being out in the open with everyone’s attention on them.They have nothing to hide. Or, do they?

You Already Know It’s All About Them

We all know how annoying it is to socialize with a narcissist. If they’re not too focused on themselves to even participate in the conversation, they’re monopolizing it by bragging about how great they are. When you’re around one, it feels as though everything revolves around them.

With personality trademarks such as being prone to arrogance, expressing feelings of superiority, and a need for others’ admiration, narcissists aren’t typically shy about their desire to be the center of attention. As you know, narcissists love to talk about themselves—and they do so way more than the average person.

Yet not all narcissists wear their self-love on their sleeve. Many appear normal and well-balanced at first glance. As the number of narcissists in the world increases daily, it’s only becoming more difficult to decipher who’s in love with themselves and who just really likes to share on social media, according to San Diego State University professor Jean Twenge.

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