Probiotics May Be Able to Help People with MS

The next steps

“This could have a synergistic affect with other MS therapies,” Tankou said, “but a larger study is needed. One that will focus on clinical aspects and look at efficacy.”

“We’ve shown that it’s possible to change by administering this probiotic, and outside the gut, then next step is to do a real clinical trial, and improve disease outcome,” she added.

Tankou recommends that a study be done for patients with progressive MS, who have less options than other patients at this point.

Probiotics are also being tested for a variety of conditions, including HIV and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

One 2015 study showed how probiotics can positively affect those with TBIs. Mice fed probiotics developed less severe trauma in their spinal cord. Again, probiotics offered protection outside of the gut.