15 Ways To Help Treat MS Naturally

10. Exercise.

You can swim, walk, use an elliptical machine, ride a stationary bike, do Pilates, yoga, or practice simple stretches. Lifting weights provides the most benefits to keep your muscles and core strong enough to support you! Protect your muscles from becoming atrophied.

11. Raise your body’s pH with alkaline water.

The body functions at its best in an alkaline state. Water used to be neutral, but now it’s acidic and contributes to inflammation. Alkaline water helps decrease inflammation.

12. Forget bottled water.

Although it may be convenient, bottled water is usually very acidic and unhealthy. No one truly knows how long the plastic bottles have been sitting in heat and sun, and both these cause leaching of chemicals (BPA) from the plastic. BPAs are known carcinogens that may cause cancer and other autoimmune challenges.

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