Narcissism in the Sexually Addicted Population

Narcissistic sex addicts like Mason74, who use grandiosity and a facade of self-confidence to present as though they are indestructible, are perhaps the most difficult to treat.

Mason74 is charismatic, convicted and charming. He attends an online SSA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) meeting and when it’s his turn on the virtual floor, he starts out by joking with the group that it isn’t his fault that he always gets the girl. He says that whether he wants it or not, women end up following him home; they just can’t get enough. This isn’t great for his marriage, he admits, but his wife really loves him and would “never leave.”

Mason says he partly believes he’s a sex addict because he’s never had to try—something he likes so much “just comes too easily” for him. He confesses that this isn’t great for his career either, but his company, he says, could never replace him, so even though he’s been caught downloading pornography more than once on the office computer, he walked away with nothing more than a written reprimand. His wife has caught him cheating twice (he’s cheated far more than twice), but he agreed to attend couple’s therapy (which he thinks is a joke). His struggles nevertheless, are real, he says. He can’t seem to say no to sex with women and his porn use has gone from a few times a week to a daily practice. Mason sometimes wastes hours of his day, he says, and when he finally shuts off the screen, he has no idea where the time went. His addiction is getting in the way of things he’d much rather be doing.

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