5 Common Myths about Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is in the news these days after superstar Lady Gaga disclosed that she struggles with this often debilitating condition. A lot of mystery surrounds this very complex diagnosis with most sufferers experiencing it in a completely unique way. It’s no wonder that it is surrounded by so many misconceptions. We’ll attempt to provide some clarity in this article. Education is key to understanding and supporting yourself or any of your loved ones who may be struggling with this often life disturbing and painful disorder.

MYTH: Fibromyalgia is not a real diagnosis.

FACT: Research has shown that Fibromyalgia is not a made up diagnosis. A review of research from 1955 to 2014 shows that the disease is characterized by a complex combination of symptoms, including a demonstrated heightened nervous system pain response, fatigue, memory problems, and sleep and mood disturbances. The condition is quite common, present in as much as 2% to 8% of the population according to The Journal of American Medicine. The fact that the condition is relatively new and sometimes elusive to diagnose and difficult to treat, means that these fibromyalgia patients are often met with skepticism from family and the medical community, which can lead them to avoid seeking treatment.

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