You Are Only 6 Steps Away from Your Best Vegan Year Ever

3. Make at least one meal per day a healthy one
Dedicate one meal per day as a healthy option to reduce the impact of less healthier meals. Breakfast smoothies can be nutritious and done in just minutes with frozen fruit and greens, a plant-based milk, a handful of nuts, and travel-sized pouches of your favorite plant-based protein mix. Travel shakers make it easy to whip up a great smoothie even while traveling. If breakfast becomes your daily healthy meal, your indulgences will add far less weight to your hips and your overall health.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
The healing power of water is drastically underestimated, as it can control allergens, aid digestion, and help flush out toxins from sugar, fat, and alcohol. Water is your best ally in battling over-eating, hangovers, virus attacks, and the acidity caused by all internal and external stressors, which can become a breeding ground for ailments. Select a high alkaline water, or put a drop of essential lemon oil into each glass of water you drink. Sip at least eight eight-ounce glasses, ideally at room temperature, throughout the day.

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