The Silent Treatment Is a Form Of Emotional Abuse

The silent treatment is one of the worst approaches a person can have to relationship issues. It hurts almost more than anything, and the refusal of acknowledgment from the partner makes it that much more hurtful.

I’m sure everyone has experienced the silent treatment from time to time, and I’m sure we all hate it equally. It’s one of the worst things a person can do amongst a relationship issue and it does nothing but hurt your relationship and your partner. It’s a form of punishment, a way to control your partner or other people into doing what you want them to do. It’s a horrific thing to do to someone you love and it can actually be quite depressing and make your partner feel worthless to you. If you think it is not a form of abuse, you are very wrong. Because the silent treatment is very much so a form of emotional abuse.

Research indicates that children would rather you yell at them than ignore them. Even murderers and rapists are given punishment of isolation because it’s one of the harshest punishments out there aside from physical abuse.

Your partner might scurry to try and fix something to make you talk to them again, but it long term plants a seed of heartache in their heart because itcauses such a great disconnection of feelings and emotions. There’s a gigantic lack of sympathy and consideration that goes into the ability to just shut your loved one out. It’s just not right.

A partner might use the silent treatment to control you, and while it might work for a little while, you can’t deal with it forever. There is a way to break the cycle of silent treatments. If you did something that bothered them, it is automatically their responsibility to share that with you. Otherwise, how can you fix or keep it from happening again? The silent treatment does the complete opposite of that, making things ten times worse than they were, to begin with.

A true bond cannot last if you are unable to share your feelings. Don’t abuse your partner by giving them the silent treatment – just communicate about the things that bother you and fix it at the root. Don’t prolong it or make anything worse than they have to be.

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