Our ADHD Children Are Trying to Tell Us Something. It’s Time for Us to Listen.

This technology burst has created all sorts of change. Our transportation is safer, faster and more efficient. Our form of communication is instantaneous. Our creativity is endless. But our education system, for the most part, has not changed. Don’t get me wrong, there are amazing teachers, but they are up against an archaic education system. Children are expected to sit in their chairs for hours listening to teachers lecture about things we have been teaching for years. Not only that, we expect this to happen at a younger age. When our kindergartners should be outside running, playing and exploring, we are expecting them to sit while writing letters and numbers. We have taken away recess, physical education and the arts. We send children home with hours of mindless homework and wonder why we see behavior problems. For a child that does not have ADHD this might seem boring, but it is doable. They fit into the box and while it might be dark and mindless, they learn to live with it. That is not the case with an ADHD brain.
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