Our ADHD Children Are Trying to Tell Us Something. It’s Time for Us to Listen.

Children who truly have ADHD are some of the most creative and innovative people alive, but instead of focusing on what is going on inside their brain, we focus on what we see outside their brain. We focus on their behaviors. We worry about what others think. We worry about the schools they will not get into. We worry that they will end up failing. But here is the irony, while we are worrying about their failure we have already set them up to fail.

Does this mean we should let our children run freely without any rules, routines or expectation? ABSOLUTELY NOT! All children need rules, routines and expectations to feel safe and secure, but we must stop setting them up for failure and begin helping them succeed. If you are the parent or the teacher of an ADHD child I challenge you to change the lens you are looking through. What changes can we make to help our ADHD children be accepted when they don’t fit inside the box?

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