A Look Inside Life With One Of The Most Debilitating, Painful Diseases In The World

Exploring the nerve branches. The three nerve branches include the ophthalmic branch, the maxillary branch and the mandibular branch. The first controls your eye, upper eyelids, and your forehead. The second controls affects your lower eyelids, cheeks, nostrils, upper lip, and upper gum. Lastly, the mandibular branch controls the jaw, lower lip, lower gum, and some muscles used for chewing.

What it feels like. Basically, what this little anatomy lesson means is that the pain disorder can affect your entire face, from your jaw to your forehead. People with the disease have described the feeling like that of being struck by lightning, hit with intense electric shocks, being carved up with a knife, or experiencing a severe burn

Worse than childbirth. Those women who have experienced both childbirth and Trigeminal Neuralgia agree that the pain resulting from this disease is far worse. What makes it so bad is not just how painful it is when it happens, but the fact that it is chronic. With childbirth, once it’s over it’s over. With this disease, the episodes of intense pain are always coming and going your whole life.
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