5 Signs A Seemingly Nice Person Secretly Has Some Cruel Intentions

How many times have you felt, ‘This person was so nice; how could he do this to me?’ or ‘What’s wrong with this person? How can such a nice person like her be so bad?’ Well, the reality, how much hard it may seem is that the person we considered ‘nice’ was actually not nice at all; rather, they pretended to be nice.

Yes, that’s how deceiving our world is. We have good people, we have bad people and we have hypocrites who are the most dangerous of the lot. They put on a veil of pretense and act as if they are nicest persons you have ever met in your life and then they reveal their real face and become exactly the opposite.

In the beginning, it will occur to us, how can the person change? We try our best to find the cause of the change but the truth is, there has been no change; they have been the same. In the process of carrying out their evil intentions, they deceive us by being nice, they gain our trust and love so that they will not be judged or caught and finally they inflict harm upon us.

Yes, that’s how the hypocrites are. So does this mean that we should stop trusting every nice person we meet? Does this mean that we should always stay away from nice people? Of course, not! Not all nice people have bad intentions. Now, the question is, how are we going to figure out whether the nice person is bad or not? We just need to be careful and keep in mind certain pointers.

If you notice these 5 signs in people, you will understand that they have cruel intentions:

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