9 Signs How Narcissists Make Sure You Never Solve Problems In A Relationship

I love having guest bloggers write for my site. It brings new insight to the topic of Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse. This blog post below is one of those amazing posts that just have incredible insight. I experienced each one of these 9 instances with my NX. Do you notice any similarities with the NX in your life? Share your stories below. And as always, I appreciate you for sharing your stories with me.

1. Circular conversations

You’ll think you worked something out, only to begin discussing it again in the next conversation. And it’s as if you never even said a word the first time around, or the 10th time around. The narcissist has lots of complaints about you, while ignoring any legitimate arguments you may have provided, time and again. At the end of the conversation, nothing will be resolved. The same issues will come up over and over again—why are they friendly with their ex…. again? Why are they suddenly distant? Why do they seem so eager to get out of your presence? And every time you bring up these issues, it’s as if you never even had the argument in the past. You get sucked back in, only to feel crazy & high-maintenance, then they decide “I’m sick of always arguing about this.” It’s a merry-go-round.

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