Suffering With The Misery Of Neuropathy?

NEUROTCA – New Advances In Neuropathy Treatment

In association with Neuropathy Treatment Centers of America, ChiroCenter is pleased to bring this brand new and revolutionary new treatment approach for peripheral neuropathy to the people of Troy and our surrounding communities.

The mainstay of our peripheral neuropathy treatment program centers around a unit known as the Sensory Integrator, a painless low-level laser, also known as “soft” laser where the light from nearly 300 pulsed, infrared, light emitting diodes penetrates the skin of the feet and legs to assist in new capillary formation and nerve growth.

Introduced by NASA, this it was originally developed as a way to speed up cell regeneration rates to provide faster plant growth and food production for future long-term space missions.  Once it was found to be effective with plants, inquisitive minds began researching it as a way to speed cellular regeneration to reduce healing time in health challenges of we human beings.  When researching neuropathy, they weren’t disappointed!

This remarkable therapy nearly doubles the rate of human cell regeneration, exactly what is needed in peripheral neuropathy to assist in new capillary formation and peripheral nerve growth.

Additionally, it serves to release a natural pain relieving compound found in the soft tissue linings of your blood vessels known as Nitric Oxide, which again, helps bring about relief.

While this procedure is being performed, we’re also administering oxygen to flood your bloodstream with any additional fuel necessary for regeneration metabolism on a cellular level.

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