Suffering With The Misery Of Neuropathy?

This alone is NOT ALL that’s needed in our battle against neuropathy! It’s been found that different nerve types in the body need different frequencies of vibration in order to heal and respond most efficiently.   This is the part that most of our patients enjoy the most! Our program utilizes up to three different frequencies of vibration on different areas of your lower extremities, which further stimulates new capillary and nerve regeneration, and stimulates the re-connection of the peripheral nerves with the tissues they serve.      Tissue vibration also serves to reintroduce proper sensation and balance, and in many cases further aids in pain reduction.

However, we still don’t stop here. We also utilize gentle and all important joint mobilization to help in removing any restrictions preventing proper joint and gait motions of the lower extremities that many people develop as a result of neuropathy.  When necessary we employ reverse polarity therapy to aid in the re-integration and correct directional flow of your body’s natural electrical nerve currents.

From there, we look at any needed stretching or strengthening maneuvers, home procedures and/or personal coaching to help support your body in its quest to achieve the most optimum results your body is capable of providing you.

All these procedures are remarkably safe and for almost all people, totally painless! In our many years of practice, we’ve never before experienced a program where so many people look so enthusiastically forward to receiving their treatments!

Finally, most of our patients are very pleased and relieved to know we utilize no drugs and no injections!  What a relief!

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