Suffering With The Misery Of Neuropathy?

Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy

Peripheral sensory neuropathy is a kind of neuropathy that causes numbness and/or various kinds of pain in the feet and legs (later the hands and fingers) that creates a great deal of distress and agony for many, many people!   It is the most commonly experienced kind of peripheral neuropathy by the vast majority of neuropathic pain sufferes.

In this form of neuropathy the tiny nerves that serve the skin become “disconnected” and fail in their ability to transmit  normal  sensations  to  the  brain,   such  as  in decreased touch perception, or with hyper-excited nerves that are responsible for causing all the pain, swelling, sting, burning and other symptoms associated with this disease.

Many Unique, Unpleasant And Unwanted Sensations

Not everyone has the same symptoms.  Unique challenges are found in different people. For some, it results in various forms of numbness. For others, the nerves are undergoing abnormal internal stimulation when no such outside stimulation is present, and often results in different types of pain ranging  anywhere from burning, aching, shock-like sensations, hot or cold feet or legs, tight, vice-like sensations around the legs or ankles, pins and needles – to the feeling of dozens of bees stinging you when you are barely touched, and for some, the feeling of hundreds of little bugs crawling all over your feet and legs when none are really there.  Significantly compounding the problem, one very frequently experiences both numbness and pain – meaning too little AND too much stimulation of different nerves.

In addition to the already described symptoms of neuropathy, many people report other unique and abnormal sensations as a result of peripheral nerve damage – such as the feelings of walking on foam rubber, or their toes “feeling as large as fence posts.”

The descriptions of abnormal sensations surrounding neuropathy are almost endless! Additionally,often one will experience both sensory and motor neuropathy, which when compounded with numbness and balance issues serves to increase the likelihood of injuries from falls, many quite serious that frequently result in broken hips and other fractures.

Causes and Risk Factors – A Growing Concern

Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy comes about from many different causes – also known as “risk factors.”   These risk factors are divided into three different categories.  They include metabolic (chemical),mechanical (compressive), and genetic (hereditary). Each of them creates their own set of unique challenges for those who suffer with this disease.  Let’s take a look at all three………

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