Suffering With The Misery Of Neuropathy?

Metabolic  – Diabetes Is Bad! Diabetic Neuropathy Makes How You Feel Even Worse!

The most common metabolic cause of neuropathy that we see in our office is neuropathy coming from diabetes. The problem is growing steadily worse as this very concerning and prevalent disease affects more and more people at an earlier age – and as people live longer.

Nearly 60% of all people with diabetes develop diabetic neuropathy.

As if the pain, numbness, swelling, burning, tingling, sleepless nights,balance issues, along with all the other symptoms that go along with neuropathy aren’t bad enough, approximately 86,000 Americans each year undergo diabetic amputations as a result of uncontrolled neuropathy.  This new treatment is capable of preventing many of those amputations, especially if they can be caught early on.

Chemical – Chemotherapy, Alcoholism, Medical & Industrial Toxins

A large percentage of people who have undergone chemotherapy also develop peripheral neuropathy, as many of the chemicals aimed at killing cancer cells also damage peripheral nerves cells.   Previous exposure to industrial or war toxins, alcoholism and a fastly growing number of individuals developing neuropathy as a result of very commonly prescribed prescription drugs also represent the causative factors of a very large population of people dealing with neuropathy.

Mechanical – Bulged, Herniated, Degenerated Disc; Failed Back Surgery & Sciatica

Moving to the next category are the mechanical (compressive) forms of neuropathy.  These causes are also very common, and most often result from mechanical joint problems that compress the nerves as they emit from the spine (or are compressed inside other joints) before they reach their final destinations.  We’ve all heard of the very common and painful condition known as Sciatica.

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