Suffering With The Misery Of Neuropathy?

ISCHEMIA – The Primary CAUSE of Neuropathy

Let us now move our discussion into the physiological causes of how and why neuropathy develops.  By doing so, it allows us to develop a QUALITY plan for a CAUSE-ORIENTED treatment approach offering a higher chance of success, rather than one based entirely on symptoms as is found with many of today’s failed conventional approaches.

It has been found through extensive research that the cause of almost all neuropathic pain; the cause of distressed and damaged peripheral nerves which create the many various symptoms of neuropathy – is from a body destroying process known as ISCHEMIA. Ischemia is one of those scientific words which simply mean “tissue death due to starvation.” This is vitally important to understand, because peripheral nerves are LIVING TISSUES NEEDING FED.

All living things require nutrients and oxygen and need to be as free of poisons and toxins as possible in order to grow, thrive and prosper.  Your peripheral nerves are NO exception! When functioning normally, nerve tissues receive nutrient rich, highly-oxygenated blood that is carried to them by microscopic capillaries; tiny-tiny-tiny blood vessels that are easily clogged.

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