Suffering With The Misery Of Neuropathy?

Just like A Clogged Pipe

When these tiny nutrient and oxygen carrying vessels DO become clogged, many nerve tissues fail to receive the needed nutrients and oxygen in order to survive.   When this happens they become damaged – or die!

It’s the same that happens when an occluded artery causes a massive heart attack – only with neuropathy, it happens on a massive scale damaging literally millions of microscopic peripheral nerves.

In the case of diabetes, too much glucose fills your bloodstream clogging the capillaries and preventing the nerve tissues from receiving the nutrients and oxygen they need.  In compressive forms of neuropathy, the direct physical pressures placed on the nerves by aberrant joint function shut down the flow of O2 and nutrients to the nerves – much like what happens if you run over a water hose with a car tire!

Drug Damage

Myelin is a substance made chiefly of cholesterol and surrounds the nerve fiber much like the rubber coating that wraps around an electrical wire. When this coating erodes away, the nerves short-circuit, once again leading to the symptoms of peripheral sensory neuropathy.  This is commonly found in people taking cholesterol lowering drugs known as Statins.

In cases surrounding chemotherapy, the drug toxins damage the nerve endings as they attempt to kill the cancer.  In mechanical neuropathy, pressure on the nerve at the constriction point shuts down nutrient and oxygen flow into the nerve tissue.     Nutrient and O2 restriction to nerves first damages an insulating coating around them known as myelin. Myelin is a substance which protects the nerves and aids in transmission of the nerve signal itself.  When myelin is damaged, the whole nerve is damaged – leading to the vast majority of the symptoms found in neuropathy.

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