Suffering With The Misery Of Neuropathy?

To make matters worse, once oxygen restriction damages the myelin, the nerves have difficulty coordinating pore and capillary dilation in the skin, preventing proper skin perspiration and the ability of the legs to “breathe” as they should.

This often leads to more challenges such as swelling, tight, vice-like sensations in the legs and ankles as well as hot or cold feelings in the feet or legs.

As you can see, once this snowball starts rolling, it’s often like a line-up of falling dominoes leading to more and greater problems.

The GOOD NEWS with peripheral neuropathy is that peripheral nerves can heal and go through a process of rebirth, if the proper procedures are put in place and if the cause of the condition can be caught in time.

For Most People – Drug Treatments Just Don’t Work Very Well!

As we’ve previously discussed, there are few common conditions that create as much ongoing concern or agony as that of peripheral neuropathy.  As the numbness and/or pain grow worse, it can even cause many people to want to give up on life.  When the challenges get this bad, many people are willing to try practically anything – any cream, any drug, any pill, powder, potion, lotion or syrup!!  Unfortunately, painful sensory neuropathies are RARELY correctable with drugs.  This is because they don’t address ISCHEMIA.

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