Suffering With The Misery Of Neuropathy?

You may be surprised to learn most drug treatments for neuropathy are NOT EVEN INTENDED to treat neuropathy, but are actually designed to treat other conditions!  For example, Neurontin (Gabapentene) is actually an anti-convulsive designed to treat seizures.  Elevil (Amyltriptine), Tofranil (Imapramine) and Cymbalta (Duloxetine) are anti-depressants.  There are a few others.

None of the drugs on the market, not even Lyrica (Pregabalin – which just happens to be the latest in the line-up of hard-to-pronounce names),addresses the TRUE UNDERLYING CAUSE of neuropathy, which as we’ve discussed is that of damage to the nerves due to ISCHEMIA;restricted blood, nutrient and oxygen flow!

Of course, the many side-effects of these drugs also frequently lead to other health problems from a result of long-term usage (such as immune system, liver, kidney and stomach disorders, kidney failure, increased risk of kidney dialysis and suicidal tendencies – just to name a few.

Yes, “There is an exception to every rule.”  It’s true some people might find some temporary relief, for a while – until these drugs stop working – but long-term failure and disappointment with almost every conventional treatment for neuropathy – is most always the end result. The individual meets with discouragement time and time again, until many begin feeling like a yo-yo on a string – frequently bouncing from the heights of hope – to yet another let down! The end result is many patients simply carry on down the road of “continued hopelessness.”

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