27 Survivors Reveal The Sickest, Most Twisted Thing A Narcissist Did To Manipulate Them

Would invite me somewhere, only to abandon me and flirt with other people.

“I have a book worth of examples of the betrayal, lies, and manipulating he did. They are all cruel, heartless, damaging. But the worst was when he would beg me to go to a certain place to “visit” and then either leave me there or ignore me, or worse – flirt with whoever was there. This one incident sticks out in my mind – it was so sad, so painful, I can’t explain how badly it hurt and confused me. He brought me to his family’s house and left without telling me. When I asked his sister-in-law where he went she said, “The boys took the girls for a ride to the lake.” They were smoking pot together in a truck at the lake while I sat there waiting for him to return. When I called him, he didn’t answer the phone. I had to wait for him to come back. I was accused of being a jealous nagging bore. This is one of a million examples – and I am in intensive therapy trying to figure out what happened to me.” — Mimi

Used spirituality as a cover for his hypocrisy.

“In the early part of our relationship, he talked all the time about the importance of integrity and his interest in Buddhism. It made me feel like I was getting involved with someone honest and gentle. What I actually had was a full-blown pathological liar who undermine me at every chance he got, with constant belittling, gaslighting, and double standards. I was so convinced I had a great man in the beginning that I stayed for 3 years, looking for that guy to come back. Turned out my guy – someone who claimed to have integrity and said he’d never cheat because he had been cheated on and was ‘so painful’ had been cheating on me with his 20 years younger employee.” — Lisa

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