27 Survivors Reveal The Sickest, Most Twisted Thing A Narcissist Did To Manipulate Them

Deprived me of sleep with crazymaking arguments.

“He would create huge arguments out of thin air. Then, he would walk back in the next day as if nothing had happened. I would still be licking my wounds and recovering from no sleep because of all the ruminations as a result.” — Karen

Manipulated me with sex.

“He would manipulate me with sex. After a nasty fight, he would charm me and have sex with me even knowing I did not want to. I just felt forced to do it in order to bring peace to our marriage.” —Cynthia

Got me pregnant to get me to stay.

“He got me pregnant, knowing that would make me stay. I had planned to divorce him.” — Renee

“We had just talked about trying to have another baby and waiting a year to start. The only time in 20 years that he “forgot” the condom was about a week later when he knew I would be fertile. And yes, I became pregnant.” — Bonnie

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