5 Things Narcissists Do To Convince Victims To Come Back

This technique is especially effective if you have low self-esteem, because the little blips of kindness are like oases of hope in what is otherwise a wasteland of sh*te. If and when those moments happen, remind yourself of the overwhelming ugliness that happens the rest of the time, and how those fleeting moments really don’t make up for how horribly they treat you. Print out abusive text messages and emails and hang them on your wall for instant reminders, if you need to.

3. Promises Of Change (Lies Lies Lies)

The person you dated, but have mercifully been free from for a while, suddenly emails or texts you to let you know that they’re in therapy.

They’ve realized that they need help. They want to change. They’re taking steps to do so, and one of the things they want to rectify is how horribly they’ve treated you.

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