5 Things Narcissists Do To Convince Victims To Come Back

4. Rescue Me!

Yet another hook that will stab into your marrow and draw you back in is when the object of your previous affections is suddenly in danger. Maybe their new relationship has (supposedly) turned abusive, and they need your protection or strength to extricate them from it. Maybe they’ve taken a drug overdose, or gotten arrested, or found themselves in some other horrible situation and omg you are the only person in the world they can trust and count on when they’re in such a bad place so please please help…please.

Effective, isn’t it? You’re basically f*cked either way: if you come to their aid, you’re sucked back into their blackened vortex of horribleness and the entire cycle will begin anew. If you don’t help them, you’ll feel like the world’s most cold-hearted person for abandoning them when they had a moment of vulnerability and reached out to you (to you! They MUST really love you!). Furthermore, if you don’t help them when and if they cast their fishing line out to reel you back in, you might find yourself faced with…

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