How To Cover Vitiligo Patches On Your Arms & Legs For A Special Summer Event — TUTORIAL

1. Prep Your Legs

Start by preparing your legs or arms. Just like your face, the products you’re going to apply will have an even finish if there’s nothing getting in their way. This could be anything from hair to chapped, dry skin.Typically when I use this beauty hack, I’ll shave the area I want to cover before applying a body scrub to exfoliate the skin.

2. Create A Glow

Chances are you want to look like you’ve spent the weekend at St. Bart’s, as opposed to cooped up in your dorm studying. It’s summer, after all. Once I’ve exfoliated my skin, I start faking a glow.

As I live in England, where our standard weather is gray and dismal, and I’m thoroughly against tanning beds, for me this involves fake tanning lotion. That said, if you don’t mind looking a little pasty or happen to live someplace sunny anyway, then feel free to skip this step.
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