How To Cover Vitiligo Patches On Your Arms & Legs For A Special Summer Event — TUTORIAL

3. Mix Together Your Foundations Or Concealers

Whether you use foundation or concealer will depend on the products’ coverage. Those who have a lightweight foundation might want to use their concealer, since typically it will be thicker and offer a bulkier build. How else is it suppose to tackle acne and blemishes?

On the other hand, if your foundation is already high coverage, opt for that. Here, I’m mixing two foundations together to create a similar color to my pins.

4. Dab, Dab, Dab Away

Once you’ve mixed together your foundation or concealer, grab your Beauty Blender. You can either use the original or a thrifty DIY alternative.Pop some of the product onto the blender before dabbing it on the patch you’re trying to conceal. Aim to do this in a stippling motion, as opposed to large sweeps. This will allow you to build coverage if needed.
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