How bad can Peripheral Neuropathy get? The 7 Long term effects

7. Effects Everyday activities:

Every day we perform a number of activities with our hands and legs. The Peripheral neuropathy, on the other hand mainly affects the legs and hands. Thus this completely disturbs and interfere your everyday activities.

All the daily basic activities like driving, holding something, standing properly, tying shoelaces, etc everything is affected. Thus the peripheral neuropathy can have a serious impact on one’s social, work, and even personal life.

Finally, can you die from peripheral neuropathy?

I know you may feel a bit weird, but the straight answer to this question is Yes. According to William Lee, a famous diabetes researcher, it was possible that peripheral neuropathy, at times can disrupt the autonomic nerves thus causing the complete failure of one’s heart.

But don’t worry this happens only in rare cases.


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