11 Badass Signs You’ve Moved On From Your Narcissistic Ex

2. You have little to no inclination to respond if they reach out to you.

When narcissists reach out in an attempt to bring you back to the vicious cycle of abuse, it is known as “hoovering.” Hoovering can occur through sudden texts, voicemails, missed calls, e-mails, letters, or even a third party checking up on you on the narcissist’s behalf. Hoovering can be intense, especially if you happened to “discard” or end the relationship with your abusive ex first. Where once you used to give into their demands, now you find that you no longer wish to entertain their attempts or watch them escalate. By now, you’ve recognized the narcissist’s games and are practically yawning at the sight of another hoovering attempt sent under an anonymous e-mail address and fake phone number. Rather than giving into their mind games, you’re being proactive at resisting and documenting their attempts instead (this will come in handy should you ever need to take out a restraining order).
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