11 Badass Signs You’ve Moved On From Your Narcissistic Ex

5. You no longer compare yourself to their past or current victims.

It used to be that you were always ruminating over the narcissist’s endless comparisons concerning you and their other harem members. Now? You couldn’t give two shits about anyone they tried to claim was more appealing – because you know that whoever they’re idealizing now will inevitably be thrust off the pedestal and devalued later. You’re no longer part of the narcissist’s captive audience, waiting to be “chosen.” You’ve chosen yourself instead. You have a firm sense of your own self-worth and you now know that you cannot be compared in your unique beauty or strengths. And those dysfunctional love triangles? You know that some other victim is now being subjected to them – and thankfully, you’re not the one putting up with it.

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