11 Badass Signs You’ve Moved On From Your Narcissistic Ex

6. You’re living for you – and being a total badass while doing it.

Perhaps in the initial stages, you were using all of the fuel you got from the break-up to motivate you to ‘move on’ and forward as intensely as possible. Perhaps a small part of you even wanted to ensure that your narcissistic ex saw how well you were doing without them; you may have even tried to fast-forward your healing by dating someone else too early on. Now, however, you find that you have no need to perform. You’re living just for you and you’re savoring life with a new sense of appreciation for the newfound freedom and peace it offers. You’re taking your time and going at your own pace without the need to compete with them and their public façade – instead, you’re giving yourself all the space you need to heal.
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