11 Badass Signs You’ve Moved On From Your Narcissistic Ex

7. You’ve reached a whole new level of success – professionally and personally, without them.

Your success has skyrocketed without them and you are rebuilding your life on your own terms – everything from your career to your friendships is being remodeled to better suit your growing sense of abundance. It seems new opportunities and amazing people are gravitating towards you like a magnet – and it’s because you’ve cleared the space for them in your life to enter. You now know you are worthy of all the victories life has to offer.

You are now loving spending time with people who value and nurture you.You’re also spending some much needed quality time alone – getting to know yourself, enjoying your own company and not settling for anything less than the peace and ecstasy you deserve.

Instead of being addicted to the chaos, you’re now finding yourself achieving more without it.

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