11 Badass Signs You’ve Moved On From Your Narcissistic Ex

8. You have reached a whole new level of emotional liberation.

Now that your emotions aren’t constantly being manipulated by an emotional instigator, you find yourself seeking refuge within your inner guidance and intuition more often. You cut ties with toxic people with much more ease and find yourself unwilling to put up with bullshit. You validate yourself and honor your feelings. You no longer second-guess yourself as much as you used to and you certainly do not engage in as much negative self-talk as you used to. Instead, your usual self-blame and self-criticism have been replaced by affirming thoughts about your strengths and progress. You embrace the ups and downs of the healing journey, knowing that it is all adding to your transformation. You give yourself permission to grieve, to be joyful, to be angry, to be calm – whatever arises, you’re open to it, because you know that processing your emotions in a healthy way is an important part of paving the path back to freedom.

You’re actively building yourself up rather than tearing yourself down – and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

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