11 Badass Signs You’ve Moved On From Your Narcissistic Ex

9. You look and feel ten times younger.

During the relationship, your cortisol levels were likely on overdrive and your immune system probably took a severe hit. You probably experienced major changes in weight, your sleeping patterns, and your anxiety levels. Narcissistic abuse has the potential to change you – mind, body, and soul. However, as you become more of an empowered survivor, you find yourself reclaiming power over your own body and psyche. Many survivors find that a daily exercise regimen, yoga, and meditation can help restore their bodies to optimal levels post-trauma.

Now that you’re taking such better care of yourself in an environment with far less toxic stress, you’re now looking, feeling and acting as if you were ten times younger. People notice your increased levels of youthfulness and vitality; you notice that you have more energy, your skin has cleared up, you’re getting sick less often and your physique has become much more fit and agile.

You feel like you could take on the world – and it’s because you can.

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