How bad can Peripheral Neuropathy get? The 7 Long term effects

5. Increased infections and wounds:

What happens if a particular part is completely numb? You will not feel the wounds, cuts and even damage happening to that particular part. In almost all the cases of peripheral neuropathy, you fail to feel the pain and temperatures properly at that part.

So, this can severely result in unknowingly burning or hurting yourself. This is the reason, many peripheral neuropathy patients suffer foot ulcers and deep cuts. Moreover, if he or she is a diabetes patient, they fail to heal and can get infected completely.

6. Blood pressure and Heart problems:

As peripheral neuropathy affects nerves of any type, it can also damage the autonomic nerves which are very important. As the autonomic nerves control core functions of the body, damage to them can have a serious impact on the entire systems of the body.

In many cases, you may experience severe problems with blood pressure, uncontrolled heart rate and sometimes even breathing problems.
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