How bad can Peripheral Neuropathy get? The 7 Long term effects

The biggest problem of peripheral neuropathy is that it can affect nerves of any type (effecting entire body). This includes..

  • The sensory Nerves – The nerves that signal sensations like pain, touch, temperature etc.
  • The Autonomic Nerves – The nerves that signal automatic functions like heart rate, bladder release etc
  • The Motor Nerves – The nerves that signal and control the movements of the muscles

1. Paralysis:

Motor nerves are the ones which control the muscle movements. So when peripheral neuropathy affects the motor nerves, the nerves between the muscle and the brain are damaged.

This can sometimes result in complete paralysis of certain parts of the body. Thus once you are affected by peripheral neuropathy and paralysis, you may completely lose control of those parts of the body.

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