How to Fight Trigeminal Neuralgia and Other Facial and Head Pain

Avoid touching the facial area; also avoid cold breezes and stimulation of the face by kissing and hugging. Keep your face covered in cold or breezy weather.Wear a pin on your blouse to remind others to kiss you on the other side of your face. Keep some instant warm packs in your purse or pocket. This will help you if you get a sudden chill on your face
Try Botox injections from a reputable neurologist
Try heat or ice. Keep your neck muscles relaxed. Roll a hand towel up and try this under your neck instead of a pillow. Keep your head and face covered during sleep. Try not to sleep on the affected side, as that will worsen pain in the morning.
Distract yourself with creative activities. Draw, Paint, Read, do what gives you joy! If you get into some serious concentration, you can have some relief. Quiet, gentle healing music is also useful.

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