The Monster in My Face: What the Pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia Feels Like

It was about a week or two later when I had an appointment with another physician (unrelated) and I told her of my situation, symptoms, etc. She looked at me and said, “That sounds just like trigeminal neuralgia.” I remember saying, “It sounds like  tri…ja…what a what?” Even though I had worked in the medical field, I had no idea what that was. She rolled her stool over to me and pulled up the symptoms on her phone and handed it to me. As I read the symptoms, I gasped and said to her, “Oh my gosh, that’s it. That’s exactly it!”

I remember the look on her face in that moment. I have seen that look before from doctors. It was the look of bad news. She sighed with her head tilted down and said, “I am sorry.” She told me if it happened again to go straight to the hospital floor (not ER) and have them page her. That was the plan until I could see my neurologist. She gave me some online sites to research and she walked me out with her hand on my shoulder. I knew at that moment this was not good.

When I got home, I began to research more about this disease, trigeminal neuralgia. My stomach turned and my heart pounded as I read through the different online descriptions. Phrases I read included:
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