7 signs how you punish a narcissist, like really hurt them.

I looked at her like an angel. She looked at me like easy pickings. I was the injured antelope on the edge of the herd. If you’ve fallen victim to a BPD girl, a narcissist, whatever flavor of nutjob you happened to pick up from the fruitcake bar, then you need to build yourself up.


If you’re strong, your self-esteem and your confidence are up to the job and you know you can do better, narcissists and BPD girls will just bounce off you. They simply won’t get the traction they need to make you hellbent on revenge. It just doesn’t get that far because narcissists are actually pitiful, useless creatures.


Their games are stuck at a grade-school level and anybody that’s even close to their peak will just laugh at them like the emotionally-stunted losers they are.2 Look up narcissists and you normally get stories of men, borderlines are girls, but honestly the two conditions are so massively intertwined that it generally doesn’t matter.


Shitty behavior is shitty behavior, you don’t need the absolute diagnosis and they more or less function the same way when it comes to wiping your ass with their life. If you’re dating a bitch who tries to manipulate you, pull the ripcord.


It doesn’t matter how hot they are physically, if they’re fucking awful people then you just shouldn’t give a shit about them. When a girl starts playing headgames, even if she isn’t a full-fledged psycho, then there’s no respect and it’s time to go. There’s also a real simple test you can do early on.

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